Aimbest Insurance & Financial  Services

Since 1983, we have been striving for achieving excellence to assist our clients and friends towards making balanced choices in their insurance and financial planning needs whether a single persons, family or a business of any size.

We work with  provider companies that have solid background and excellent credentials that we respect enough to offer them to communities as well as to their Advisors. 

If you are an Insurance Professional or Agency owner, we can assist you in adding additional lines to your offerings to cover needs of American family & business consumer, which you may not be covering currently,  so that they are not blindsided. We have an easy Agent / Agency onboarding process to get your CSRs orientated and trained to market these services, not just in your resident State, but nationwide within ten days or less.



Retirement Plans, Estate Planing, Annuities, Medicare & MedSup Plans  

We can assist you to make the best use of your retirement funds whether you need to leave a legacy or you are working to create a steady stream of income for your lifetime in your future. Or both.


In addition to steps which you already have taken on this crucial subject, here are some of the questions and conscerns which we can assist you with:-


1- Taking compexity out of retirment.

2 - Will Healthcare cost impact your retirement ?

3 - Undersanding Social Security & Medicare

4 - ABCs of Annuities.

5 - Retirement realties

6 - Wills, TRrust, Estate Planning

7 - HealthCare Power of Attorney (also called "Living will")

8 - General power of Attorney

9 - Final Expense Life Insurance

10- Original Medicare

11-Medicare Advantrage Plans

12-Medicare Suppliments

13-Stand alone prescription plan



Life,Health & Voluntary Employee Benefits, International Medical Insurance

Since 1983, we have designed these benefits for indidviduals, families, and for employers to meet these crucial needs of their employees on fringe or volunteer basis at no cost their businesess. 


We love to meet with you to ascertain your unique need and budget to do justice with plan design.


Also, here are links where you can get quotes and eroll online, without meeting anyone (if you like):


(1) If you are inbetween jobs, waiting to be covered under reglar health insurance via marketplace (which opens up on Oct 1st and ends on Dec 15th every year), you can design your short term health insurance coverage until market opens up.  Click Here to get Health Insurance quotes and enroll online.


(2) For Hospital Indeminty, TriState (three year term medical coverage) Dental Vision etc, click here


(3) For Marketplace to get quotes and enroll during Annual Enrollment  OR Special Enrollment (if you have qualifying events, click here


(4) For International Visitor or Immigrant Health Insurance please click next link:

International Health Insurance



Legal Access Plan and Identity Theft Protection Plans

These are time- tested foundation products and services to protect your family and /or business. These services offer empowerment and peace of mind.  


 This unknown giant is making a difference for individuals, families, Commercial Drivers,  and Businesses  across USA and Canada, since 1972, without ever raising premiums on anyone regardless of usage of services.


Here is the link for more information:


 Home, Auto, Umberlla Liability, & Commercial

We work with time tested companies that we trust.


Please fill out the contact form below and we will help you find the best options for your needs via our affliations with Insurance Agencies whom we have built profesional relationsips over the years.    This really creates a true synergy, where everyone wins.

Aimbest Business Solutions    

We have partnered up with Industry leaders to assist on following services:


Aimbest works with employers with one staff member or 1000 to find the best options for healthcare, dental, disability and other employee benefits. We find creative options that will maximize your benefits while meeting the needs of your valued employees and your budget. We also  have a variety of voluntary benefits that you can offer your employees to meet their individual needs.


Keeping your business partnerships working can mean the success or failure of a business. Do you have a plan in place to continue after the loss of a critical partner or a key employee? What steps have you taken to insure that your business runs uninterupted? We can offer you options and ideas so that you will have the best opportunity to keep going strong through the next generation. 


FACTA Compliance Assistance

The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act(FACTA) was signed into Law by, the then, President Bush on Dec 4th 2003.


Businesses must comply by having certain procedures and plans in place. This law applies to any business regardless of the size that collects personal information or cons​umer reports about customers, vendors, and employees to make decisions with their business (including names, credit card numbers, birthdates, home addresses and more). Covered entities include:

Employers - including individuals

. Insurers

. Lenders

. Morgage brokers

. Landlords

. Automobile dealers

. Attorneys

. Debt collectors

. Private Investigators

. Tax Preparers

. Financial Advisors and Credit Counseling Services

. Investment or financial advisory services

. Individual financial management & tax planning services


Most missed and misunderstood coverage. 

(Even by seasoned advisors)


Life is filled with unforeseeable events and most advisors have successfully addressed those by using several traditional Insurance products and services, including GAP or supplimental plans. However, two areas have not been given due attention by both consumer as well as advisors. Those are:

(1)Identity Theft plan which covers not just alerts on financial and credit card fraud, but should also cover childrens information', drivers license, criminal & character, social security, and Medical Identity theft, and

(2) Legal Access Plans which not only covers day to day trivial situations, but also covers nationwide protection from  tragic 24/7 situations.


Employee Orientation and Training

Since passing of FACTA in 2003,the law regarding identity theft has changed dramatically.


Many believe these changes will continue and expand. Undoubtedly, security risks will remain because of the huge volume of personal information is collected, disclosed, and used on a daily basis in the United States.  One critical step that a  business can take right now is to include an awareness of the increasing legal obligation arising from identity theft risks, and etablishing reasonable security practices to protect the personal information in their possession.  This can be achieved in part by having a third party (outside source) orientation and training for every employee.


Here are some of the crucial steps suggested by Society of Human Resource Management to avoid 5 kinds of liabilities which may result State and Federal penalities:-


> Develop a written data protection plan.

> Appoint a Security Manager

>Provide Training for employees.

>Investigate data security practices

>Consider offering identity theft protection as an employee benefit.


This next link gives you an idea as to how IDShield works:


We suggest that family and business consumers to educate themselves by using free tools developed by the Federal Trade Commission, which are placed at their website: as well as researching on YouTube under "Children Identity Theft", "Medical Identity Theft", Character & Criminal ID Theft where crooks impersonate others and commit crimes in their namesand other types to share information with family ( including children) to be better informred, educated on these modern perils,  so that everyone will be more vigilant and proactive.

For your convinience, here is copy of the interview of a forensic expert, who has suggestions for american consumer as to what should be included in a robust ID Theft protection plan: Click here

Please make a note that at the end of interview, he volunteers his personal information as to why he has chosen both LegalShield & Kroll Inc to protect his own family.  Click here to see as to how it works for you and your family.

HR, Payroll & Business Advisory

As a business owners ourselves for more than 35 years, we know as to how challanging the business environemnt has beccome today. As such we are always looking for ways to partnerup with best comapnies as well as business advisory groups. As such here is a seasoned busienss advisory groups whom we have partnered up to bring ease for businesses in the areas of HR, Payroll and business advisory needs.

Here is the website link:

Champagne Business Resources

Give Call to 
Dale Champagne

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