We work with a diverse range of insurance and financial products that offer good value and benefit. We pride ourself on working with companies that have a strong history, credibility and financial stability.


We work with insurance and annuity companies, payroll and legal service plans. We'll work for you and  for your needs at this stage in your life and business.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.


Without any obligation, we are happy to sit down with you for a consultation and a cup of coffee and explain the policies or plans that you have in place or  to discover what you should set in place and what you can expect from them in terms of exclusions and limitations, deductibles, etc. What you do with the information is up to you, and we are happy to help you ask the right questions of your current agent or company if you need clarity from them about your plans. We won't encourage you to change anything that is working well for you.


Contact us and explore all we have to offer. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

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