Products & Services

Life Insurance (with living Need Benefits):

   Term 10,15,20,& 30 years

    Traditional Whole Life

    Universal Life

    Index Life

Health Insurance

    Individual / Family

    Group Health

    Internatiional Travelors (visitors) or Immigrants' Medical Insurance


Disability Income

    Income Replacement (Short Term / Long Term)

    Business Overhead Income


Supplimental Plans



    Critical Illness (Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer)


Dental / Vision



    401K /SEP

     IRA / ROTH IR

     Annuities (Fixed / Indexed) 


Senior Products

     Long Term Care

      Medicare Suppliments

      Medicare Advantage Plans (at Zero premium)

      Stand Alone Rx Plan

      Senior Life

      Legacy Planning


      Suppliment Plans


Business Insurance Planning

     Group Health Insurance

     Key Person Plan (old fashioned "Golden Handcuff Plan"

      Voluntary Employee Benefits (at no cost to busienss)

      Section 125

      Business Continuation Insruance (Funded buy & sell Aggrement) 


Estate Planning

      Last Will & Testament

      Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney (Remember Terri Schiavo case during mid 90's? - just google)

          General Power of Attorney



Legal Access Plans

      Individual / Family Legal Plan (with 24/7 access)

       Business Owners Legal Plan

       Commercial Drivers' Legal Plans

       Gun Owners' Legal Plan

       Teachers Legal Plan

        Law Officers' Legal Plan


Identity Theft Protection Plans (With actual Restoration by Forensic experts & not just customer service people)

       For Individuals

       For Family (also covers upto 8 children)


FACTA Business Compliance Assistance (complimentary at no cost to business)

       FACTA was signed into Law by, the then President Bush, in Dec 2003), which has been overlooked

       by many seasoned Busienss Advisors.  If interested, we can send a brief description as described by

       SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management), so businesses can avoid from being blindsieded.


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